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    New Website

    Ladies and Gents, Here is the word. From this point on I will not be updating this site anymore. You can still come here and look at stuff, but I won’t be putting new things on it. This is all part of a larger movement within myself artistically and musically. […]


    New Record Update

    Hey guys. Just a quick update. 1. The new record is coming along well. Brett Bullion and I are plugging away. A few vocals and some other things and we will be good to mix. Expect this record to sound nothing like any record I’ve released before. I am pretty […]


    New Elwell Record This Winter

    Hey guys! Try not to focus on how adorable of a child I was in that photo. Truth be told, not a much has changed. I’m still sitting at a piano with terrible posture, but with a considerable increase in tattoos and facial hair. Anyway, all has been pretty quiet […]