New Year’s Update

Published: January 2nd, 2014 | Category: News

Happy New Year friends! I hope the change in the calendar date finds you all healthy and in high spirits. Or at least warm. Here in Minneapolis it is rather frigid. I am updating you all on some things that you may very well know. I am leaving the country in just a few short days, and I will be taking some time off of doing music stuff, for the most part. I will be focusing my time to concentrate on other creative things, seeing the world and meeting strangers. Just things I need to do to live life. You guys also probably know that not too long ago I released GRAND EP. I also have several other recordings available online. The reason I am telling you this, is that traveling overseas and not a cheap endeavor and if you so desire, pop over to and help a brother out. I apologize if that sounds like I am pining for help, which to a certain extent I am, but, what I am really saying is if you feel like pitching in, by all means. I also would like to thank all of the wonderful family and friends and everyone who has supported my music and I. I truly appreciate it and I thank you dearly. I will continue to be in touch and do my best to keep you all on point for the musings of my exploits.





Andy Elwell


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