Grand EP Album Art and other news

Published: October 8th, 2013 | Category: News

Alright ladies and gentleman, here is a bit of news. The album art for my November 19 release Grand EP has just been finished and you lovely folks get the first look at it!  The art is by my greatest friend Kristen Sassenfeld. She has designed the art for BRAVE SOUL, NO ONE YOU WILL EVER KNOW and NEW GROUND, among countless other amazing things. She is an immensely talented artist, hilarious and lovely young lady and has the gusto and the sand of a young Eric Draven. She is also the head honcho at Afternoon Printing here in Minneapolis and will assist you with any of your screen-printing needs. I implore you to go to her website and check out her work. She is the greatest.

Along with the release of the GRAND EP, a music video for the song BURIED (featuring Savannah Smith) will be released shortly before the release date  of November 19. The music video will be directed by Alex Bowes who has directed several of my music videos, such as BACK TO ME, YOUR WILL, SCENT OF GAS, MAYBE IF YOU CAN HEAR ME and ARMED GUARD. Helping in music video making process is the very talented and ever so handsome Joe Clark, who has worked with Northern Outpost Media and in the past has filmed the music video for THE MORNING SUN. We can’t let on too many details, but I can assure you that the video will be cool and I will most certainly be letting you all know when it will be available online for everyone to see and share with their friends. Anyway, thanks for taking a minute, I appreciate it. We  shall talk soon friends.



GRAND EP available online November 19 

GRAND EP Release Party November 23, at 331 Club, Minneapolis, MN w/Tungsten and Savannah Smith

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