GRAND EP Release and some other big developments.

Published: September 18th, 2013 | Category: News

Hello friends, Andy here. I have a bit of news, or rather a whole mess of news. First of, I have an new EP coming out in online fashion only (for the time being). It is called Grand EP. It is three songs I recorded last April in Dublin, Ireland with the amazingly talented and sharp dressing Gavin Glass (Lisa Hannigan, Our Little Secrets, The Hot Sprockets) at his studio Orphan Recording. I finished up the EP here in Minneapolis with Brett Bullion (Dark, Dark, Dark, Haley Bonar, Sombear, Now, Now) and with Dan Lawonn (The Farewell Circuit) lending cello and the lovely Savannah Smith adding vocals. The Platinum record plaque receiver Huntley Miller did the mastering. It will be released online November 19 on bandcamp and all other apt sites. I will be having a release gig here in Minneapolis at the 331 Club on November 23 with a full band backing me and the aforementioned Savannah Smith and the rad dudes in Tungsten filling out the bill. You can explore the details more in the gigs department of this here website. I really like the way the recording turned out and I hope that you all do as well. I implore you to check it out.

The other big news is this. In January I will be leaving the US for and undetermined amount of time. I will be flying into Dublin and will continue to explore from there and I plan on going wherever I please and wherever international law allows me to explore. So, if you are overseas and want to hang, let me know, I will be palling around for some time.

So that is pretty much all I got. There will be more stuff happening with the release in the coming months, a music video or two, album art, new press photos and probably some other stuff depending how much the music press (the fat cats in Washington) takes a liking to the new jams I am putting out into the world. Anyway, I hope you guys check the EP out when it comes out. Have a delightful day, take care and listen to the new R. Kelly song.




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