New Elwell Record This Winter

Published: October 9th, 2014 | Category: News

Hey guys! Try not to focus on how adorable of a child I was in that photo. Truth be told, not a much has changed. I’m still sitting at a piano with terrible posture, but with a considerable increase in tattoos and facial hair. Anyway, all has been pretty quiet on the Elwell front for a while now. I have been busy writing, watching soccer, drinking alcohol, spending money and talking to girls. I haven’t really had much to post to the internet about. But, alas, I do have a bit of news. Last year at this time I was preparing to go overseas on an adventure into the unknown. This year I am staying home to do that. Brett Bullion and I will start pre-production and recording of my next full length this winter and I am very excited to get to work. I have a batch of songs that will end up being like no other record I have put out as of yet. There may be a Kickstarter campaign in the future, so keep your internets peeled. Thanks again for the support!!




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