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Published: November 28th, 2015 | Category: News

Ladies and Gents,

Here is the word. From this point on I will not be updating this site anymore. You can still come here and look at stuff, but I won’t be putting new things on it. This is all part of a larger movement within myself artistically and musically. From now on I will be recording, performing and releasing my music under the moniker “Elwell”. My upcoming release will be a drastic stylistic change, the songs are there, but the style has changed. Over the years I had been feeling more and more constricted by the idea of how I was supposed to sound, how I was supposed to write songs, etc…A couple years back I was working at a parrot refuge in rural France and I made the decision to change my artistic trajectory. With the help of my close friend and producer Brett Bullion, we made this change a reality. The result is the best record I’ve ever made and I am one-hundred percent absolute of that sentiment. I am not sure when you’ll be able to hear it but I am sure that it will be sooner rather than later. So, the new place you should look is That will be where all the new business is. Anyway, thanks so much for everything, we will be in touch.





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