It’s May and I am back in the USA


I just want to say hello and let you all know that I am back in the USA, safe and sound. Europe was great, I didn’t die, get arrested or anything to detrimental too the living of life. Right now I am sitting in my room here in Minneapolis, listening […]

Daytrotter 1/30/14 session is Up!


Good evening from lovely Manchester, England. I just wanted to let you all know the the Daytrotter session that the lovely Savannah Smith, Jeff Sundquist (Tungsten) and I did a few months back is now streaming online. It features a delightful Bob Mould cover, Enjoy! Andy Elwell Daytrotter 1/30/14

GRAND EP Available Today!


Good morning everyone! GRAND EP is available online today at all the places you would expect it to be. A big thanks goes out to all the people who helped make it happen. Please swing by BANDCAMP, ITUNES, AMAZON, SPOTIFY, etc…and check it out.     Cheers!   Andy Elwell

Buried Music Video Premiere

IMG_6897 bw websize

Good morning all. I have a bit of cool news. The music video for the track “Buried” off of GRAND EP has just premiered thanks to the good folks at My friends and I filmed it last month here in Minneapolis and it features the lovely Savannah Smith (who sings […]

Grand EP Album Art and other news


Alright ladies and gentleman, here is a bit of news. The album art for my November 19 release Grand EP has just been finished and you lovely folks get the first look at it!  The art is by my greatest friend Kristen Sassenfeld. She has designed the art for BRAVE SOUL, […]